Features and Benefits:

  • Designed to alert staff before the patient gets up and reminds the patient to be seated. The seatbelt is an easy-to-release device that holds the patient safely in the chair. The alarm sounds as soon as the patient disengages the belt alerting the staff or caregiver.
  • Alerts staff and directs resident to stay seated for assistance.
  • Belt is adjustable from 26” to 46”.
  • Use on any chair: Geri-chairs, wheelchairs, side chairs.
  • Works universally with most major manufacturer’s alarms.
Item # Description
10320 Buckle Seatbelt Sensor


NOTE: These devices are not restraints! They are designed to be easily unfastened by most patients.

*If a patient is unable to remove a device without assistance, it is considered a restraint under OBRA guidelines.

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