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Protekt® Define - Defined Perimeter Mattress Cover

The Protekt® Defined Perimeter Mattress Cover offers an easy solution to many of the bed safety issues affecting healthcare facilities today. Wedge-shaped foam sections line the perimeter of the cover and help provide a gentle reminder to those lying in bed of the location of the mattress edges, and help provide a less restrictive environment than side rails. Easily transform your standard mattress into a raised rail mattress.

Reduces the Risk of Patient Falls

General features of the Protekt® Define:

 Item #  Description  Surface Dimensions
 80099  Defined Perimeter Mattress Cover - 36"  36"x80"x9"
 80099-42  Defined Perimeter Mattress Cover - 42"  42"x80"x9"
 80099-48  Defined Perimeter Mattress Cover - 48"  48"x80"x9"


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