Caregivers understand that elderly persons with mobility limitations need constant monitoring and that it is not practical to be in the same room with them at all times. Add another layer of protection and peace of mind by utilizing specially designed bed alarms and chair alarms for seniors. Weight-sensitive pads trigger the alarm, alerting the caregiver to respond. Attach it to any bed or wheelchair to alert you of possible falls or wandering! It has a pull-string that connects to their clothing; any major movement pulls the string and then sounds the alarm. Simply silence the alarm by pressing the reset button as you assist your patient. Durable vinyl cover is thin enough to avoid any patient discomfort. Our bed alarm systems are easy to install and maintain, and the wide variety of ways to implement them means that it’s easy to find one that suits your specific needs.

Welcome to Proactive Medical Products!

Proactive medical is a leading manufacturer of healthcare and medical products based in New York. We specialize in support surface pressure redistribution, patient monitoring and fall pre- vention/protection products.

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  • Proactive In Stock Guarantee

    Our "In Stock Guarantee" assures our customer that when patient monitoring and fall prevention products are private labeled, We will guarantee predetermined stock levels to be available.

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  • Proactive Private Label Program!

    Proactive Medical Products is pleased to offer you a full line of fall monitoring products. All of our products are compatible with all major manufactures' fall management products.

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